Monday, November 29, 2010

Time to bundle up!

I remember being 15 years old and doing whatever I had to do to get out of the house on a freezing cold Wisconsin morning... without a hat on. Seriously. It went something like this:

Dad: "Bell, put on a hat. It's below zero out there."

Me: "Do I have to wear a hat?! It's going to mess up my hair. What if so-and-so (insert crush of the week) sees me? I'll die! I'm only going to be outside for 10 minutes total. I'm not wearing a hat."

I relived that conversation (in my imagination) this weekend when I brought out the winter coat for Miss Pixie. She was SO not into it.

Yes. It's pink. BRIGHT pink. Like highlighter pink. I love it. Not so sure about her. Mr. Z says she's probably embarrassed in front of her buddies.

Is that the look of a teen-aged girl or what?

"Come on mom, leave me alone, I'm hanging with my friends." (All of whom are wearing their own spiffy jackets!)

I snapped away, taking many pictures, even though it was freezing outside. No need to worry. I was wearing my hat!

Friday, November 26, 2010

French Toast Sandwich

I've got the "post Turkey-day time to eat healthy and work out" motivation coursing through my veins today. How about you?

So I started the day with 20 minutes on the elliptical, followed by 10 minutes of yoga and this tasty delight for breakfast:

It's a french toast sandwich made with flax and sesame seed rustic sourdough bread, eggs from the ladies next door, peanut butter, banana and a teaspoon of maple syrup.

So tasty!

I'm starting a new job on Monday, so I'm trying to get my life in order this weekend. Clean the house, clean out my closet, organize everything. If you know me well, you realize this is no small task.

I better get going while I still have some of that pumpkin pie motivation pulsing through my body!