Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring (or summer?) is here!

Yesterday was so beautiful. Mr. Z and I took advantage of the weather by cleaning the house. I know... not exactly fun. But it's great when you can do spring cleaning with every single window in the house open!

We finished off the day with pineapple shakes.

Very simple recipe: fresh pineapple and vanilla frozen yogurt in a blender. Blend and serve.

Days like yesterday are so good for the soul. After a long, stressful Madison winter, it was heartwarming to see families on bike rides, kids playing in the yard and tulips poking their head out for sun. These are the ingredients of a good life.


  1. Thank you honey for updating. I was beginning to worry! the drinks look scrumptious. Reminds me of the Awake Shakes Peach used to make for Uncle Kenny to put some meat on his bones. I loved them too. Oj concentrate, raw egg and milk, maybe some ice cream. Um ummm.

  2. That was not endorphine, that was Mama Hutch.

  3. you Madisonians are so patriotic! That was not endorphine. it was mama hutch