Friday, July 31, 2009

Day Two

Isn't day two always the hardest? I mean you think, yesterday was great: I went for a run, I ate really well, I felt good. Am I going to do that all over? Because if I do, then there's more pressure to do it the next day, and the next. That's why for me, usually there is no "day two." I eat well and exercise really well for one day, then it's over. That motivation sailed like a ship in the night.

But not this time! Today is day two. I got up, did some yoga, went for a walk/run around the block and ate a great breakfast. So far so good! Doesn't breakfast look yummy?

Whole grain cinnamon frozen waffles with french vanilla yogurt, blueberries and a tiny bit of syrup.

And a banana with peanut butter.


Breakfast was after my 10 minute yoga session on the iPhone which consisted of sun salutations and a 10 minute walk/mostly run around the block. It's not much, but it's something. And it's a lot more than this ol' gal's used to.

I'm going out for lunch today, I have a coffee date in the afternoon and book club tonight. So there will be many opportunities for me to make "good-day-two-on-my-way-to-day-three" choices or otherwise. That's the point of this blog. To hold me accountable for my choices and make sure that there is always a next day to be proud of.

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