Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gimme a "P!" Gimme an "O!" Gimme an "M!"

A couple of weeks ago Mr. Z and I were introduced to pomegranates by neighbor Molly. We had Molly over for dinner while her Mister was in Japan. We started talking about weird foods and pomegranates came up. Mr. Z and I both commented that we'd never had one so she dashed across the driveway and brought back one of her own to share with us. They are crazy fruits!

First she scored it into quarters.

Then she cracked it open.

It was so beautiful!

The arils are the little red fleshy guys that you eat. There is a tiny (edible) seed in each one. You have to dig through this funky skin to get them out.

The juice stains (and squirts) very easily so take care when fumbling around with them. They are kind of like popcorn, you can either eat them one at a time, or shove a handful into your mouth at once. I recommend the shoving method (with pomegranates and popcorn).

These little jewels are delicious. They taste like sweet, sweet cranberries. Yum! They are definitely worth the work. You can toss them on salads, throw into oatmeal, add them to cottage cheese. The opportunities are endless!

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