Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sweet Tater Love

I'm back! My aunt Anne inspired me to start writing again. Life has gotten pretty busy, and when it gets busy I get stressed, and when I get stressed I get lazy. But really blogging is something that relaxes me, so I should MAKE time for it , right?

I planned on visiting Pixie tonight and when I left work just after 4:00 it was already dark! It was so dark and drizzly I almost didn't go. But I hadn't seen Pixie for almost a week, so I hit the rush hour traffic and 20 minutes later I was pulling up to the barn. It was actually really pretty in the blue-gray mist.

Earlier this year Farmer Ted discovered MyMenu. He occasionally rants and raves about the various products he gets hooked on. Since I love to cook from scratch so much, I rarely tune in to these reviews. However, today he started talking about their sweet potato fries. And I LOVE sweet potato fries, they are probably in my top ten favorite foods of all time. I told him they sounded delicious and would check them out if I ever found myself in the store.

After working with Pixie indoors for a bit I took her out for a walk down the long, paved driveway. It actually turned out to be a beautiful night. I mean it's the middle of November and I wasn't wearing a winter coat! On our way back Ted met us by my car with a plate of piping hot sweet potato fries (he has a FlavorWave... I hadn't heard of it either... click on the link... seriously... Mr. T?!) Anyway, what a treat!

(yes that is his gum on my car and yes he put it back in his mouth)

Pixie of course, couldn't wait to get some of these tasties in her mouth. She eats anything. But as it turned out, she wasn't a huge fan. In fact, she passed after the first bite. Very surprising. She'll eat her own poop, but not sweet potato fries. Ain't she special?

I bet we cleared the plate in under a minute. They were SO GOOD! I guess I know what I'm going to buy if I ever find myself in a MyMenu.

So it turned out to be a great night: me and my gal, crisp autumn weather and sweet tater love.

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