Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow Day!

December 9. UW-Madison calls its first snow day in almost 20 years! The morning started with a little of this.

Apple cinnamon oatmeal from scratch. I'll post the recipe soon. A little ball of brown sugar on top is the perfect touch!

Outside it looked like this (hence the snow day).

And like this.

(like the new wheels? huh? can't see 'em? it's a really sweet ride, I swear!)

And like this.

After almost six hours of work (with a short coffee break with the neighbors built in) we came inside to this.

Beef stew. Yummmmy! I finished off the night with a dear friend (Red), some hot cocoa, vanilla schnapps, chocolate chip cookies and the season finale of Glee! Loved it!

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