Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Don't you love new traditions? Over the years Thanksgiving has seen many traditions come and go... mostly come (we hold on to our weird habits). For example, every year Uncle Mike brings a huge box of goodies for Bloody Marys. Then after dinner, we walk around the block smoking cigars and drinking Scotch. Finally we end the night with a screening of "Christmas Vacation." I think we all know every joke in that film. We are a family of traditions... not to be confused with a traditional family.

One more tradition, we dress up. This started when my brothers and I were kids. We would dress as Pilgrims and Native Americans. My dad once wore my mom's turquoise belt with a towel hanging from it and no shirt - he was obviously not a Pilgrim.

A few years ago we resurrected this tradition and each year has had a different theme. Last year, we dressed as our favorite character from a book. This year, at the last minute, we came up with what we thought was going to be a fairly boring theme "wear what you want to wear most." Turns out it was a hit. People came in their favorite t-shirts, pajamas and sweats. And my sister-in-law and I? Well, of course, we wore our wedding dresses.

Perhaps this is a whole new tradition of its own! I can only hope.

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