Sunday, March 7, 2010

Up Nort'

My family went up north to Minocqua this weekend and we had a wonderful time!

The only thing missing was little Evan. He's studying in London this semester, but we brought a special picture so his presence was felt (that's him, center stage).

We even took him ice fishing with us!

I got to take my first ride ever on a snowmobile! I even got to drive!! It was so fun. I told Mr. Z if I didn't already have a horse, I'd want a snowmobile.

This is our ice fishing setup: my dad and his friend Tugger orchestrated the whole thing. The setting was absolutely beautiful!

Time for a beer. But how will I open it without a church key? Never fear, Tug is near! And he has a pair of pliers. Will that do the trick?

Of course! Tug saves the day.

Sister Bear and I took a long walk through the woods along the lake. It was such a gorgeous day!

Mr. Z and Brother Kent built an amazing shelter/igloo/fort thingy, it was pretty cool.

I think Mr. Z was pretty proud of it. Isn't he a cutie?

As you can see, "ice fishing" really means fun snowmobile rides, beer, long walks, good conversation and fort building. They did catch two fish. But of course, I didn't get pictures of them!

When we got back we made an awesome taco dinner and got into Tugger's bounce for dessert. If you're not from Wisconsin (or even if you are) you probably haven't heard of bounce. Imagine taking a mason jar, filling it with a cup of sugar, a bunch of berries, and then filling it to the top with vodka. Then letting it sit in your refrigerator for years. I mean YEARS. One of the bounces we tasted was from 1994! We tried cherry, raspberry and black raspberry. It was ok. I guess you have to like vodka.

After dessert, we had a good old fashioned Hutchison family dance party. There was some break dancing.

Boy, it's too bad I didn't get any video of that shenanegry. Really, too bad...

It was a wonderful weekend with great people. Lots of good food and love. What more could a girl ask for?

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