Thursday, May 13, 2010

My little pony's all grown up!

Last week we moved Pixie from the barn to her new home up on the hill. You see Pixie spent her nights in the barn this past winter because I was paying for training. But now I have to decide between stable board and pasture board... and there is a significant price difference. And not that I don't love my horse, but there's no way I'm giving up lattes and sushi for the rest of my life so she can come inside at night when we all know that horses are meant to spend their nights under the starry sky, right? Or am I justifying?

In any case, this is her new home:

She's back with her momma, Ami and two other horses Teeter and Sweet Pea. She has a very special new neighbor, the studly stallion Junior:

Junior and Pixie's crew are separated by an electric fence and I do believe that fence is the only thing keeping my sweet little Pixie's "innocence" in tact. I told Farmer Ted that Mr. Z would be extremely unhappy if we had another mouth to feed and it didn't have his eyes.

I've been out to check on her a couple of times and she's adjusted well. I can certainly understand Junior's intense feelings, she is a beautiful horse!

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