Sunday, January 2, 2011

Today was a pretty lazy day for me. In the past ten days, I've worked one. Between the holidays and furloughs, I've been spoiled (well, except for that whole leave without pay thing....).

I spent the day lazing about and watching movies. I also cleaned the kitchen, which was a chore. Anyway, here are my daily three:

1. Today, I made a family budget and debt payment schedule. I recently took a new position that came with a raise (yay!) so we're sorting out how we are going to pay off certain debt quicker.

2. I learned about autism, squeeze machines and slaughter houses. I watched Temple Grandin, the HBO feature film and it was really good. My favorite part of the whole movie is when she is describing why it's important to implement systems that will keep the cattle calm up until the very last second before slaughter. She says (referring to the animals), "Nature is cruel but we don't have to be. We owe them some respect." As an omnivore, I completely agree.

If you haven't already seen the movie you should check it out: Temple Grandin (the movie)

Plus, I just learned that Temple was inducted to the Cowgirl Hall of Fame! Lucky lady! Temple Grandin's Official Autism Website

3. And I give thanks to credit. Although it can be a nasty curse, I've used credit to finance my college education, purchase a safe vehicle and put a roof over my head. I am thankful that I have the resources and education to use the financial opportunities presented to me in a responsible way.

I hope you all have a restful Sunday!

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  1. ooooooo... i like this 3 somethings a day... I'll try too.

    Something I made: Cauliflower and Broccoli Cold Salad (my first time) for some tailgating at the Packer game (my second time)

    Something I learned: How the top 1% attend Packer games... this includes a suite, free nachos, a fridge full of MGD and a rolling dessert cart that brings banana-choc cake and shots in chocolate shot-glassess... whoa.

    Something I'm grateful for: All of this time Kent and I have, since we haven't gone off to Korea yet. Since our departure date has extended, we are able to spend valuable time with family and friends, making memories that will continue to deepen our relationships.

    Oh man... "3 Somethings A Day" is fun.