Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ah, Madison in the Summer

Afternoon snack was beer and popcorn with a very talented friend.

Nothing like the terrace in the summer! Perfect weather, fantastic people watching, and great conversation! What more could you ask for in Madison afternoon.

Dinner was a Babcock ice cream cone. My absolute FAVORITE flavor: orange custard chocolate chip. I love this flavor so much, I put it in my wedding vows. Speaking of which, three years is coming up Saturday!  Three years ago today, we were each in Scotland, spending the evening with our respective families. My family and I were in a hostel in Stirling.  It was wonderful!

Dessert  was a slice of portobello mushroom pesto pizza from Ian's with tons of hot sauce. I ate it over a heating grate outside my parking garage. Just like college. Oh wait, that was the smokers on a heating grate outside of the dorm.  And that wasn't me.  

I'm looking forward to a weekend filled with fun anniversary time and other friend activities!  

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