Sunday, September 6, 2009


Today Mr. Z and I made the trip over to the west side to run some errands. We hit up the Labor Day sales at all the outdoorsy shops: Erehwon, REI and Fontana. I got some yoga tops, Mr. Z got some shoes and we both loaded up on tasty energy/snack bars. I even found some more almond butter packets at REI! 

Since I new we were going to be gone for most of the day, I packed a lunch and we ate it outside of REI. 

A little parking lot picnic. We had crackers, humus, peppers, cheese, fruit and granola. 

My little sandwich. 

Our final destination was COSTCO!

We'd never been and of course now we're members. They totally suck you in. But I swear we made up the cost of our membership in savings in this trip alone. Some of the prices were unreal. 

Here's a picture of our cart as we left the store.

My favorite Costco purchase? Probably the mini Naked juices. It's a variety pack with berry blast, superfoods and might mango. YUMMY! 

When we finally got home I whipped up this plum torte. A very special lady sent me this recipe in the mail this week. Thanks Nana!

This is before it went in the oven:

And after:

I have to let it cool off a bit, but I bet this will pair perfectly with the vanilla custard I have sitting in my freezer. Tasty, tasty! 

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  1. Oh my... Kenty and I have recently had our own first experience with Costco and it's unbelievable that such deals exist... I like that they offer at least some local foods in bulk and at great deals!!

    And what about that plum tort!!!! Do you think you might be able to send that recipe our way and we could make use of all of these plums, scattering themselves upon the ground?

    -Cuni Bear