Wednesday, September 9, 2009

When technology fails...

...the bean blog is boring.

Something is terribly wrong with my camera/computer relationship and with blogger's photo upload process, which makes for a very boring blog. Here's a picturless recap of the last couple days.

On Labor Day Mr. Z and I drove to Wauwatosa to visit our friends Erin, Sachin, Violet and Hazel. We had never met Miss Hazel (she's only been on this little blue marble of ours for 3 months!) and we hadn't seen the rest of the family for over a year! So we had a wonderful time catching up and telling stories.

Erin and I even squeezed in time to bake a cake. We used to make amazing cakes back in the day (again, photos here would be lovely right?).

Yesterday we welcomed two very special visitors to Madison. Mr. Z's brother Brad and his wife Laura are staying with us for a week. They currently live in Maine so it's a real treat to have them with us for a week. They have a pretty packed schedule, but I think we'll be able to fit in some quality porch, beer and food time.

Last night after we picked them up from the airport we headed straight over to Mr. Z and Brad's sister's house for a photo session. She also has a little three-month old and we had a great time taking family pictures, eating pizza and spending time getting to know our new nephew a little better. He is so cute!

Hopefully I'll get this picture thing figured out soon!

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