Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Almond Butter

I was very excited for breakfast this morning! Yesterday after work I went to the co-op to pick up some items for the week and I found two delicious treasures.

Cinnamon raisin Ezekiel English muffins!

And samples of almond butter! 

People rave about almond butter on the blogs, but it's so expensive (and Mr. Z is allergic to tree nuts) I was nervous to buy a big jar and be stuck with something I didn't like. So I scooped up two samples: honey-almond butter and maple-almond butter. 

This morning I had honey-almond butter with a banana and on my new muffins. And of course I had to add some mulberry jam!

The almond butter was pretty tasty. But I do love my peanut butter. I'll have to look into the nutritional values of each and see why almond butter is all the rage now. 

I should also mention that I tried to go for a run (I use that term loosely) this morning. But after four days of little activity, it was hard! So I did a run/walk kind of thing and I definitely got my heart pumping. Music of choice this morning? 

Blue Man Group.

If you haven't seen or heard these guys, check them out. It is fantastic music to get you movin'!

I'm meeting some girlfriends for lunch this morning at the gardens on campus. I'm bringing leftovers from last night's casserole which was delivered with green beans and watermelon by my buddy Red. The dish was a tasty blend of barbeque chicken, red onions and corn topped with cornbread. YUM! 

I sure do love this dinner co-op thing! Gives me time to shop for tasty treats and make peach pie after work. :)   

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