Thursday, August 27, 2009

Catching Up

I love catching up with old friends! I had a wonderful dinner date tonight with my dear friend Cynthia at Bunky's Cafe.  I hadn't seen her in ages and it was great to fill each other in on the details of our lives over an Italian beer and fresh pasta (I forgot to take a picture of the pasta but I did manage to get the beer).

Nice, pretty friend:

One last piece of bread: (where's the pasta? in my belly)

Moretti, an Italian beer, perhaps something Tony Soprano might have indulged in:

The restaurant is only a mile and a half from my house, so I walked. And on the way home, I stopped at Red's to entice her into a gelato run. It wasn't hard. :)

Tomorrow I'm starting something new called, "BIGGEST FAN FRIDAY!" 

A few years ago I was chatting with some of my girlfriends and they were recognizing the fact that we are really our own worst critics. After thinking about it for a minute I said, "Well, I'm my own biggest fan!" And it's true! I was blessed with wonderful parents who gifted me a very healthy self-esteem. And while I am my own biggest fan, I think every woman and everyone should be their own biggest fan! So on Fridays I'm going to ask you to do just that. Stay tuned...!

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