Friday, August 7, 2009

Last night I woke up with a coughing fit around 2 am. For this reason, I slept the remainder of the morning here.

And for that reason, I thought yoga was the best choice of exercise for this morning. Yoga packed with mucho back stretches! 

Breakfast is a fruity cob salad.  

Lettuce = peachy Peace cereal 
Dressing = yogurt 
Chicken, bacon and eggs = peaches, bananas and strawberries
Avocado = peanut butter

Tasty to the max! (p.s. my mom made that beautiful bowl)

Today we start our weekend of fun anniversary activities. I'm leaving work early so we can make our way to Racine to visit friends for First Friday. Maybe I can find a cool independent store to support while I'm there! Have you heard of the 3/50 project?  It's very cool

We're having dinner at a neat little paella place tonight and I hear blueberry pancakes are in store for tomorrow morning! Hopefully I'll be able to get some great pictures. 

In honor of our three years of wedded bliss, here is a picture from Scotland that captures a few hours of a different kind of bliss - foodie bliss!  This is a picture from a High Tea that my wonderful MIL hosted for the ladies before the wedding.  Doesn't it look amazing?!

I believe the homemade chocolate truffles were on top, fruity meringues and puffs took up the middle and delightful finger sandwiches rounded out the bottom. Mmmmmmmm!

Happy Friday!

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