Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Three Song Tuesday

Yesterday morning I got up, went for a brisk walk and followed it up with some yoga.

Then I made breakfast (can't get enough of those Ezekiel muffins). 

And packed food for the day: leftover shepherds pie, leftover pickled purple beans, zucchini bread with mulberry jam, a boatload of watermelon and a yogurt parfait (that I ended up mixing with a package of cream at wheat for an extra umfph before equine soccer).

After soccer, I returned to my cozy house where Mr. Z was having cocktails with a friend. It was 8:30 pm and he had prepared a beautiful steak dinner! My plate was waiting for me. AND he cleaned the kitchen again. What a great day. Sadly, no pics of the dinner.

This morning I got in a three-song run this morning. Soundtrack?

New Soul, by Yael Naim
Feel Good Inc., by Gorillaz
Hey Ya, by OutKast

Then I feasted on another muffin, this time with pb and mulberry jam. 

Isn't it irresistible? 

As a special treat to my Mister, who has made such yummy dinners lately, I whipped up a batch of green monsters. I'm bringing mine to work, but I put his in the fridge. He says one of his favorite things is getting up, looking in the fridge and seeing a green monster, just for him. 

I'm so grateful for him and for all of the little things I can do to put a smile on his face! 


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