Saturday, August 22, 2009

Moving Day!

Mr. Z and I helped our friend Steve move into his first house today. I made green monsters for both of us as part of a tasty and filling breakfast. I also had coffee, Ezekiel muffin with pb and jam and a half of a peach.

Even though Steve isn't used to driving 14 foot trucks around, he did a great job (with Mr. Z's help of course).

I had to take a snap shot of Steve's fridge for this blog, since it is kind of a food blog. I loved all the meat sauces. Any kind of sauce or marinade for any kind of meat you could ever want!

We had beautiful weather for the move and finished the day at Broux Nellie's, a local establishment close to Steve's new place. I had a club sandwich and sweet potato fries. Oh, and a few bites of pecan pie. A perfect end to the day. 

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