Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day of the Big Black Horse

My mom is visiting for a week!  She visits for a week each summer.  I have our itinerary all mapped out.  Lots of fun stuff to do around this joint!

Immediately after I got home from work yesterday I prepared braised cucumbers, inspired by Julie and Julia. They were ok. Probably would have been tastier with some yogurt and lamb.  

We followed the cucs with corn.  Many ears of corn.  We each had three!

After dinner we went to my very talented friend's book reading, followed by an African dance party. Super fun!  My mom is so pretty.

Here is a picture of me with the dame of the evening, belle of the ball, star of the show! 

It was so cool to see so many people buying her book!

This morning I got up and ran almost four songs!

Icky Thump
Suddenly I See
Big Black Horse and a Cherry Tree 
(And part of) Wind it Up

I was off to work for a half day. Then my mom and I went to the barn for a riding lesson and time with Pixie. No need to freak out, this is NOT me on Pixie.  Her name is Kokomo and she is my new soccer buddy! The lesson was great and I did a lot of posting, which was great exercise. 

See this big black horse who is eating? That's Pixie. Always eating. My mom fed her the rest of her corn cob that she started on Monday.

She gobbled it up so fast! Isn't my mom sweet with her first grand-baby?

After horses, we got ice cream (orange custard chocolate chip, of course), practiced 30 minutes of yoga and went for dinner at a new Thai place near my house. What a wonderful day!  

Can't wait for tomorrow!


  1. Hello, This is the mom. Yes, we are having such a wonderful time. I really look forward to this week each summer. So she has a wonderful itinerary and we are quite busy. Gadz!! Was quite proud of her today to watch her work with the beautiful lady Pixie. Wow. They have really come a long way together. Well time to hit the sack. Sweet dreams.

  2. So glad to have the Hutchison babes at the party! I was great to see both of you there!