Monday, August 3, 2009

Tonight we had a cookout at the barn before soccer. I had a burger with goat cheese and tomatoes, a pickle, grapes, carrots and sun chips (and a handful of Doritos that I didn't take a picture of - but at least I'm writing about it).

For dessert, an M&M cookie. Mmmmmmmm. I almost went for cookie number two, but then I thought that I'd have to take a picture of it and post it online. Well, that'd be embarrassing.  So I refrained.  (this is working!)

After dinner, I worked with Pixie a bit before soccer.  

Then she got a treat. FYI, it's really hard to take a picture of a horse eating a carrot from your hand. 

Pixie did really well at soccer tonight. One of the newer horses that we were playing with got scared and started kicking at her and she just got out of the way. No freaking out, it was great!  She even started pushing the ball with her nose tonight, which is new. Usually she kicks it with her legs. 

And then she tried to eat the ball.

My friend and I planted a garden at the stable before thinking about how busy our summers would be. So it's been a little neglected. But tonight I got a zucchini and two teensy eggplants from it! Oh, and some yummy oregano. 

After soccer I was worn out and thought I'd stop for some gelato on my way home.  I got two flavors and neither was fantastic: coconut and limon fraise (strawberry lemon). The coconut was too chunky, it had huge pieces of coconut in it (Red, you would have hated it!). The strawberry lemon was too tart.  After that cherry pie last night, I'm pretty tired of tart.  So, sad to say, most of it went down the drain.  

I'll have to stop by the gelato place again very soon, try to get something that leaves a better taste in my mouth. 

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