Monday, August 10, 2009

Kiwi and Corn

Did you know you can eat fuzzy kiwis like this guy just like an apple?

It's true!  And it's yummy!  AND most of the nutritional value of kiwis is found right in those furry little hairs. Gross but good. 

Equine soccer tonight!  Pixie was a little devil filled with piss and vinegar for most of the night. But before the bad horsey behavior kicked into full gear she took some adorable pictures with an ear of sweet corn. Her cuteness is her saving grace, I tell ya!

It took her about 1/2 a second to realize this is something she could eat (and not get in trouble for).

She devoured the husks.  Next time I think I'll feed her a whole ear.

Is this what they mean by "a face only a mother could love?" Cause let me tell you, snarkletude and all, I LOVE this sweet P!

1 comment:

  1. Kiwi skins make my lips itch!

    Great pics of Pixie!