Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tight pants, tight rope

This morning I practiced an online yoga session by Polly at Yoga is Yummy.

Then, I had some cereal, packed a lunch and headed to work. Oh wait... at some point I weighed myself and had minor heart attack. I'm not sure what is happening with this body of mine, but the constant climb on the scale is a mystery. Or is it? Ok, maybe I've been indulging a little here and a little there with totally legitimate excuses: it's summer! it's our anniversary! it's vacation! it's the first Monday of the week! it's the first Tuesday of the week! and so on.

There is much debate online regarding whether or not to count calories. I've never been a fan since it got me in to a little trouble as a teenager (100 calories a day = not OK). But I need to count something because if I don't keep tabs, it gets out of control. I'm looking for that fine line. Is it out there? Hello? Fine line? Where are you? I have my balancing stick and sparkly trapeze outfit ready and I'm ready to stick a toe out.

I guess all I can do is be honest with myself and do my best and continue to be inspired by my friends, family and foodblogs to make tasty eats that are good for my bod.

Here's today's lunch.

Tuna salad with a little light mayo, craisins and nuts wrapped in lettuce from our CSA.

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