Monday, August 10, 2009

Super Sunday

I started my day yesterday at the barn with Pixie.  I brought her one of the peppermints that we found on our pillow at our friends' house in Racine.  She loves peppermints!

After working with her, she snacked on some grass.  Surprise, surprise!

Picnic time!  I met Red at the beach for a lunchtime picnic. Unfortunately, it wasn't warm enough to go into the water. But the picnic was very enjoyable! We had some salads, sandwiches, nuts, a crumbled up delicious cookie from the Milwaukee Public Market and goat cheese. Super duper delicious!

Mr. Z and I hosted one of my oldest friends with his new "special friend" last night for dinner (not sure if "boyfriend" is appropriate yet, but I'd certainly approve if it was!).  

For dinner I made Thai peanut noodles, sauteed veggies and grilled chicken. A very tasty summer recipe.  The noodle recipe is from a Monty's Blue Plate Diner cookbook. If anyone is interested, I can send it your way.

For dessert I made a fruit pizza with a sugar cookie crust topped with cinnamon sugar cream cheese, apricot preserves and fruit.

It was pretty darn tasty!

This morning I went for a three song run/walk this morning and followed it up with a 10 minute yoga session. For breakfast I made myself a waffle sandwich with peanut butter and mashed up fruit salad.

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