Thursday, August 6, 2009

PInk and Green

After last night's disaster of a snack binge, I figured this was the best start to a new day: Lil' Pink and Big Green (iPod and green tea).

I RAN THREE SONGS IN A ROW!  I could have kept going, but stopped for time's sake. Maybe this weekend I'll see just how far I can go. The three songs that kept me going?

Bombs Over Bagdad
You're Beautiful

Yes, I realize that "You're Beautiful" doesn't have the best beat to keep those shoes movin'. However, nothing is better than hearing a man sing "YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL" over and over when you're sweatin' and jigglin' down the road. 

Breakfast included green tea, a green monster and peaches and cream oats with peanut butter.

Today's green monster was pretty boring: spinach, strawberry, banana, yogurt, water.

The oats had 1/2 peach, a tablespoon of half n half and pb.

I used the other half of the peach to pack a snack for this morning: cottage cheese and peaches.

A friend gave me this book that is all about eating cakes. I can't wait to dive in!

I'll let you know how it is. Mmmm. Cake. 

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